About us

Nagareboshi is a localization services company focusing on videogames, animation, TV, comics and popular culture. Our main goal is to provide the entertainment industry with the highest quality language and content support available.

We localize and translate entertainment products. Our specialty are video games, animation and TV series, comics, and manga, but we have been expanding into feature films and also literary translation. Our main aim is to ensure the source creation accurately fits the cultural profile of the target users and spectators.

If your project combines different media, we will happily design and execute a tailor-made package to match exactly what you need.

Some examples of our most requested services are:

Luis Alis

Nagareboshi is lead by Luis Alis, one of the earliest Spanish experts in manga, anime and Japanese videogame culture.

Luis began studying Japanese when he was 15 and started his career contributing greatly to MangaZone, one of the first Spanish anime and manga magazines. He then joined Canal Satélite Digital for a 3 year stint of national satellite broadcast TV program production, becoming the director of Spain’s seminal DOF6 videogame program. He also singlehandedly created and produced Bakuchiku, the first ever Spanish TV magazine on anime and manga culture.

After finishing his BA in English Studies at University of Valencia, he worked as specialist and interpreter for Sony Computer Entertainment before joining Japanese gaming giant Namco as a member of its London office. Shortly after a merger with Bandai ensued, Luis moved to Japan for a total of 7 years working as Localization Producer for Bandai Namco Games.

Luis led or contributed chiefly to dozens of Bandai Namco localization projects before returning to Spain and kickstarting his own entertainment localization company, Nagareboshi. He  has also contributed to University of Valencia as Associate Professor for 5 years. 

Do you have an international entertainment project in mind?

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