We localize and translate entertainment products. We specialize in video games, animation, and TV series, comics, and manga, but we are eager to move into other media such as feature films and also literary translation. Our main aim is to ensure the source creation accurately fits the cultural profile of the target users and spectators. If yours combines different media, we will happily design and execute a tailor-made package to match exactly what you need. Some examples of our most requested services are:

Video Game Localization

We do plenty of games localization from English or Japanese into all major European languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese… as well as more exotic ones such as Dutch, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Scandinavian languages and more.

Animation and Live Action Translation

We are specialized in Japanese anime, with dozens of Japanese to Spanish projects in our portfolio, but have also done plenty of live action episodes, documentary movies, promotional videos and more. Dubbing, subtitling, voice-over… If it moves on a screen, we can handle it, from and into most languages.

Comics, Manga, and Publishing

We are specialized in translation of comic books and manga, both from Japanese and English. We translate mostly into European Spanish but have worked with manga into languages such as Arabic in the past. Comics in any language are one of our strengths.


For the last 4 years, we have been supporting our Comics and Manga event organizer friends as official interpreters of their international guests. We provide consecutive interpreting services from English and Japanese into Spanish and vice-versa, including hospitality. Our specialty is, of course, entertainment, and we have worked with many different guests from Japan, but we have also helped Spanish artists pitch their projects to international publishers.

Please drop by our Portfolio section to take a look at all the projects we have finalized successfully for our clients. We hope to see your name there very soon!

Please drop by our section to take a look at all the projects we have finalized successfully for our clients.